More MVNO’s to come based on leveraging 4G and VAS Applications

For example, T-Mobile USA MVNO Simple Mobile is now offering “4G” services. 

While there is great debate currently over what is “4G”, there is no debate that every major carrier is counting on higher data speeds to grow their business. 

The carriers intend to grow their business based on selling more data plans, selling higher tier data plans, and selling value-added service applications based on faster data speeds. 

The carriers will also leverage their networks from a wholesale perspective by offering MNVO’s to use this large increase in network capacity. 

We believe that the MVNO model extends beyond mobile/wireless and will encompass all forms of telecom, media, and content. 

There are new business models to be explored since new technologies will enable new entrants to offer robust data and content services to end users with little or no infrastructure investment by serving as Virtual Network Operators (VNOs). New business models based on the effective distribution of content across multiple networks and integrated with personal, customized services generates many varieties of VNOs with more range and scope than traditional “Resellers” or “MVNOs” presently in the industry. 

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