Verizon Home Energy Monitoring Service

We believe this move into home energy monitoring by Verizon makes sense for them and the industry.  They have already in home automation company, 4Home, and we expect other partnerships and perhaps some acquisitions down the road. 

We expect other large teleco’s such as AT&T to join into this market as they certainly should. 

There is a need for an integrated telecommunications play in home energy, electric vehicles, and the smart grid.  

There is a tie into distributed power generation (PV solar), electric vehicles and charging stations, telemetry and telematics, as well as home communications through the likes of Zigbee. 

This is exactly the type of services that the large telcos should offer to supplement their waning wireline and highly competitive consumer wireless business for person-to-person communications. 

We believe that one of the key future growth areas will be machine to machine (M2M) communications, but not just for bearer services.  Instead, value added services that the carrier controls and integrates across the ecosystem will be key. 

We address these types of developments in our research covering RFID, Zigbee, M2M, Home Automation, Smart Energy Home, and more. 

For more information about home automation, M2M, and home energy management, see:

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