WiMAX: More than just Backhaul

It is imperative that WiMAX service providers build and maintain their own “middle mile” infrastructure backhaul networks. This is especially true of rural areas where the incumbent telephone company has the only “middle mile” connection to the outside world. 

Deploying a redundant fiber optic cable network is, relative to wireless solutions, very expensive in terms of construction costs, time to deploy and costs of upgrades. A range of wireless backhaul solutions present an alternative to costly fiber deployments. 

Other WiMAX Applications 

WiMAX has a role in more than just backhaul. 

WiMAX is positioned to support a variety of applications including smart grid, education support, healthcare, enterprise and public safety.  

In education, the introduction of our broadband services will enable more students to have access to the Internet and school intranet enabling 1:1 computing (laptops for students) and 7x24x365 instruction. These local programs will promote computer literacy and broadband Internet access in low-income households through public school students bringing those laptops home and teaching family members computer literacy. 

The introduction of our broadband services will enable public safety agencies to:

  • Deploy portable video surveillance platforms where necessary
  • Enable public safety agents to file reports in the field
  • Enable remote monitoring of critical utilities

As WiMAX can support very high bandwidth solutions where large spectrum deployments (i.e. >10 MHz) are desired, it can leverage existing infrastructure, keeping costs down while delivering the bandwidth needed to support a full range of high-value, multimedia services. Further, WiMAX can help service providers meet many of the challenges they face due to increasing customer demands without discarding their existing infrastructure investments because it has the ability to seamlessly interoperate across various network types. 

WiMAX Solutions and Market Opportunities 

Mind Commerce has the most comprehensive research covering the market for WiMAX solutions and market opportunities. It includes research that covers solution analysis, competitive analysis vs. WiMAX alternatives, market opportunities in various industry verticals, support of WiMAX business plans, network planning, and more. 

For more information, see: 


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