Worldwide WiMAX Deployments to be driven by Applications

We believe the ultimate success of failure of WiMAX will be determined by the extent to which there is sufficient uptake of services within clearly defined niche areas that are not served by 4G cellular (LTE). 

We list some of those potential niche applications below.  However, we believe they will enjoy varying degrees of success in the marketplace. 

WiMAX Applications & Services 

WiMAX standards can support different types of services due to its flexible bandwidth, high throughput and the advantage of NLOS. These types of services can be summarized as: 

DSL/Cable Modem Extension or Replacement 

WiMAX can be used to extend or replacing DSL/cable modem services to non served areas due to lake of infrastructure. 

With wide coverage range, it will be easy for internet service providers to provide connectivity to new regions that could not be reached using traditional internet infrastructure. 

In addition, WiMAX can enable broadband access to low population density and low demand density areas such as rural areas where there are with no copper-based and its cost is also competitive. 

Mobile Internet 

WiMAX introduces a new concept for Mobile Internet with the support of new types of transport networks such as metro Ethernet. In addition, WiMAX supports Proxy Mobile IP Client Validation with relatively low-cost centralized boxes and also supports Context Repository (CR) function. 

Backhaul Wireless Services 

WiMAX provides backhaul wireless services at a reduced cost for different applications. Some of main applications include providing backhaul support for cellular networks and wireless Wi-Fi hot zones. 

Optimized Hand-Over based Services 

WiMAX allows using of mobile devices with optimizing the hand over providing high QoS and Flow admission control related to handovers with the support of handover decision point. 

Supporting Residential and Rural Areas 

WiMAX provides support for residential and rural areas with a robust, secure bandwidth for data traffic to provide different types of services financial, educational, military, etc… 

Enhanced Content Delivery Services 

WiMAX enables ISPs, cable and satellite operators to deliver existing content through a new channel, which is even more attractive with WiMAX 802.16e. 

Services for High Traffic Users 

WiMAX enables a challenging cost of deployment for different areas for high traffic users. Users don’t need to pay monthly as current services and moreover allowing mobility and wireless services in homes, offices and even in nomadic areas. 

WiMAX Deployments 

WiMAX is being deployed throughout the world.  Below is one example of deployments in Ecuador.  

Operators: PuntoNet, Setel, TelMex, TV Cable, and Andinatel

Ecuador WiMAX Deployments

The types of applications that Ecuador will deploy for WiMAX will vary considerably with those deployed in more developed countries.  The key for each company and operator to develop WiMAX fully is to nurture those applications that work best for them in their own region. 

For more information about WiMAX deployments, see: 

Contact us if you would like more information about WiMAX applications.

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