Mind Commerce Predicts Top Five (5) LBS Markets to Enter and “Own”

Through extensive research manifest in our latest report, The 2011 Ultimate Guide to Location Based Services and Applications, Mind Commerce predicts the top five markets globally for Location-based Services (LBS). 

One of them is India.  According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the wireless subscriber base at end of May 2010 increased to 617M from 601M year-over-year.  Another one is Brazil and a few surprises.  See the full report for more information. 

This research also addresses the top ten (10) LBS product categories to pursue and much more. 

Excerpt from the Report: 

Veriplace and LocationLabs Proximity Based Services 

LocationLabs is aggressive at a time the venture capital community needs to see a winner.  Between 2005 and 2010, VCs held their investments for mobile – assessing the favorites and watching the cycles to gain new insight on the dynamics of an era in mobility that had finally reached mass adoption. 

Addressing two fronts – consumers through Veriplace.com and developers through LocationLabs:  Veriplace is a single sign-on portal to switch on consumer-friendly location apps. LocationLabs is a location service for developers to acquire the tools and relationships necessary to leverage LocationLabs Universal Location Service to build or advance location solutions that can be available through Veriplace. 

The Universal Location Service [ULS] Platform enables application developers access to……[ See Full Report for More Information ] 

More about the Report: 

This report is multi-dimensional, providing the audience with technology and business insights, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and case-studies providing oversight of strategy and implementation. Moreover, included are executive tools requested by loyal customers of Mind Commerce. 

Further, the report identifies trending opportunities to exploit ahead of market cycles. Examined are intellectual property triggers, which are commonly ignored among one-off product vendors, particularly application and content developers. The merits of supply chain orders are also examined to determine their usefulness in corporate and/or product strategy, marketing partnerships, and sales planning. 

For an overview of this research and table of contents, you may download the brochure at: 


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About Mind Commerce

Analysis of telecom and ICT infrastructure, technologies, and applications.
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