Google Places vs Facebook Places

Nowadays in online, the WHERE just got a lot more important. People can now easily find out about interesting/ useful places around them and local businesses can promote themselves through online marketing techniques to nearby people or at the point of sale that are most probably ready to purchase products/ services (Overall, this translates into:
increased sales, measurable campaigns, free statistics about the (potential) customers and building brand relationships.)

There might be not that many users so far of these location-based platforms (although the
numbers are growing fast), but don’t forget that those who use them now are the best profile for a marketing campaign target: early adopters and influencers – they are the ones who will spread the word (online or offline) to their friends.

If your company decides not to make this step at the moment, it is wise to at least check if a Place page was created by somebody else and what information it contain about the local business – situation in which is recommended to claim the page as soon as possible to be able to edit and display the correct and desired information. See in this report how you can check if this kind of pages exist and how you, as business owner, can claim them.

If you want to see other reasons, the benefits, the resources needed and how to use the platforms to market your products/ services, then this report is the perfect compilation of information for you.

Written by: Adelina PELTEA

Author of: Google Places vs Facebook Places

About Mind Commerce

Analysis of telecom and ICT infrastructure, technologies, and applications.
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