Mobile Marketing set to Explode?

We have been hearing about this for years, but if it does explode, what will be the trigger and what will be the explosion? 

Businesses worldwide are embracing mobile phones as a viable channel to target consumers with their brand messages. Fueling this trend are improvements in mobile technology by leading cellular service providers, an increased consumer adoption rate of mobile phones, and a growing niche market of vendors that supply mobile search, messaging, and marketing services. 

If we deconstruct the mobile marketing and advertising industry into its various types of capabilities for reaching consumers, we find that one method continues to garner the lion’s share of spending – direct response advertising or text messaging.  Still, mobile advertisement placement seems to be the thing that most think about when they think of “Mobile Marketing”.

Companies such as AOL must have believed this when they acquired Third Screen Media.  AOL’s long-term challenge is to stave off the accelerated efforts of Google and Bing within the mobile space, particularly mobile local search. Although Google, MSN, Yahoo, and America Online dominate the white label search and content aggregator supply side. 

Others players, such as AdMob, are at a critical juncture due to the increasing maturity of the mobile marketing and advertising space that is resulting in big payoffs for brand managers, particularly those selling to a local consumer market.  Another competitor, DoubleClick, must continue to add prominent brands to its network and further develop its analytics capabilities or risk losing share to competing companies such as AdMob and Third Screen Media (now AOL).

It is expected that Google will emerge as the dominant search platform through 2012 when Microsoft has had ample time to innovate Bing into a fierce enough white label competitor.  However, will they just focus on search or will they also focus on direct response?

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