Mobile Networks – Evolving to all-IP Backbone

Mobile operators face the most radical shift in the history of cellular telephony: IP, which up to recently was not taken very seriously by operators, most of which regarded ISPs as something not related to telecoms, is here for them and they have no option but to fast-forward into layers 2 (ethernet and carrier ethernet), 2.5 (MPLS) and 3 (IP):

(1) the mass adoption of mobile internet, along with the falling prices for the service, renters legacy, layer-1 based, transport obsolete and costly to a point that could jeopardise business at large; all IP vendors provide solutions that reduce this cost, but it’s a whole new world for the mobile operators when considering their background.

(2) 4G (LTE) is IP end to end; they won’t have the option not to move to 4G eventually which introduces yet another pressure for an IP backbone.

A L2/L3 backbone for this job is completely different than a legacy one and mobile operators cannot risk mistakes or overlooking important aspects. This report addresses their concerns and saves valuable time for them: First, it pinpoints all the important technical aspects (beyond basic IP/MPLS setup) and how and why one should deal with them. Then, it compares four of the major vendors in this market and highlight the benefits and the problems of each one, as they are reflected in a mobile operator. Each vendor is evaluated for their end to end integrated solution (if one exists), the time to implement the solution and the factors that could affect it, the problems that one could expect, the network stability, the services that they offer, the OPEX of each solution in relative terms, and a view of each company. The goal of this report is to put mobile operators on the fast track and help them lead and drive the IP evolution of their networks”

For more information about Mind Commerce latest research into this area, see:

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