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Ultra-wideband (UWB): Technology, Applications, and Solutions

Our research into UWB indicates that applications are about to expand rather dramatically for public safety and homeland security solutions. The recent rapid growth in technology and the successful commercial deployment of wireless communications are significantly affecting our daily lives. … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing and Advertising finally to take off in 2010 and beyond

Like any other new solution, product, business (etc.), mobile marketing started with unreasonable expectations. After the working its way out of the trough of disillusionment, mobile marketing is poised to take off starting in 2010. As reported in our latest … Continue reading

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Touch Screen Smartphone Comparative Analysis

Mind Commerce just completed its research for the report entitled “Touch Screen Smartphone Comparative Analysis with Market Predictions and Business Opportunities” We believe that smartphones, particularly touchscreen phones coupled with mobile application stores, is a trend that will continue to … Continue reading

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Clearwire makes Vegas bet on Ethernet wireless backhaul

“Any service provider that might pose a competitive threat to the incumbent would be wise to avoid relying on that incumbent competitor for their vital connection to an IP backbone.” Continue reading

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Business Telephony Systems

The majority of business telephony systems introduced over the past year have been designed for small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs) or branch offices of larger organizations that have fewer than 750 employees. A significant number of these SMB systems address … Continue reading

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